Vision, Mission & Core Values


The Department strives to play a leading role in creative arts education in the region by fostering students’ ability in critical and creative thinking, artistic expression and appreciation, effective communication, cultural awareness and community engagement; and preparing them for a lifelong pursuit of artistic, scholastic and professional excellence in the transformative world.


The Department endeavours to:

  • Offer comprehensive and diversified education programmes and that fully cultivates students’ creative talents and strengths;
  • Provide state-of-the-art facilities which integrate the learning of creative arts with advanced technologies and industry standards to equip students with sound knowledge and hands-on experience to keep up with the continuous advancements in the different fields of creative arts;
  • Engage in quality research that explores the knowledge of creative arts and contributes to the development of society.

Core Values

  • Open Mind
  • Progressive Development & Engagement
  • Perseverance & Diligence
  • Self-motivated
  • Creative Communication