Study Tours

We connect students to the world through arranging a number of Study Tours every year. Students will benefit from the journeys by knowing more about the culture, educational system, local people, technological advancement of destination. All these experiences could not be perceived by just reading textbooks/ readings!

Offshore Study Tours

Throughout the year, we receive various invitations from the Government/external organisations for offshore study tours. Destinations include Japan, London, South Korea, China etc. In these tours, students are able to meet more new friends from other universities and overseas institutions.

Destination of Study Tours Visited

City Country
Dubai & Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Edinburgh United Kingdom
Venice Italy
Seoul Korea
Bangkok Thailand
London United Kingdom
Tokyo Japan
Guizhou China
Yunnan China
Dalian China
Shenzhen China
Sichuan China
Taipei Taiwan
Osaka Japan
Shanghai China